Money Feels

50: The Cost of Dying

February 15, 2024 Bridget Casey and Alyssa Davies Season 5 Episode 50
Money Feels
50: The Cost of Dying
Show Notes

Thinking about death isn't exactly a cheery topic. For most, it feels best to avoid and worry about it later. But, what happens if later never comes? Let's discuss this and more in this week's episode of Money Feels! 

We're your hosts, Alyssa and Bridget. Welcome to the podcast, where we talk through our money trauma and create a better understanding of building a healthy relationship with finance.

In today's episode, we discuss the following:

  • Why should we talk about death?
  • Dealing with the discomfort
  • Death dinners
  • Estate planning - what do you need?
  • Digital assets
  • Who is involved in your death?
  • Taxes you pay when you die
  • Funeral/burial costs
  • Discussing MAID


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